Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Toronto News Desk

The WIRe – Week in Review

David Hunter

TORONTO – It’s been an interesting week here in Hog-Town; the Toronto International Film Festival is on and the likes of Drew Barrymore and Megan Fox are prowling around town. Well, within a two block radius of their respective Hotel Suites anyway….President Obama and our Prime minister Stephen Harpo met this week to discuss trade issues, energy and the economy, in addition to Afghanistan and healthcare reform, in an hour-long meeting at the White House; but mostly the President wanted to know why Harpo’s hair never moves, and how someone with no appeal becomes leader of a nation…..Kanye West interrupts sweet little Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech and says “Beyonce should have won..” classy. He has since apologized due to public backlash; I smell publicity stunt all over this one….apparently George Clooney would rather have a “rectal exam by a fellow with cold hands” then join a social networking site. TMI dude….Scarlett Johansson is boning up on her role of Black Widow by reading tons of comic books, “...there is quite a stack of comic books taking up space!” she says. Gonna need a bigger mansion I guess…..OBITS: Actor Henry Gibson b. 1935 – d. 2009 of Germantown Pennsylvania, has died at age 73. Best known as a bit player in the cast of Laugh-In, Walter Klopek in The ‘Burbs and a most awesome evil Neo-Nazi in The Blues Brothers….Mary Travers of the folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary, has died at age 72. Another great Boomer gone…..Actor Patrick Swayze has died at the age of 57 after a two year battle with pancreatic cancer. The world seems a little colder this week….RIP Patrick.

“It’s amazing Molly; the love inside, you take it with you…”

End notes…

I was wondering when all this talk of race and skin color would rear its ugly head; President Barack Obama, who was president of the Harvard Law Review and earned his stripes as a United States Senator, doesn’t deserve to be judged on the pigment of his skin, but on the content of his character, and the intentions in his heart. I suppose its all fair game; look at the shots George W. Bush took. He was just too dumb to realize it…I’m reasonably sure someone out there has referred to him as a “Red-neck” at one time or another, but that’s not the same as bigotry and racism. On a personal note, I happen to like Obama, he’s smart, tuned in, and youthful; give him a chance to do his job; and for Pete’s sake, stop using his skin-color as a starting point in debates on his policies; it has nothing to do with anything.

Repeat after me: Skin color is irrelevant. Grow up, and let’s get quibbling about real issues.

Special thanks to NAD editor and head honcho Joseph Lane, for bringing a diverse group of writers together and sharing his forum with us. He has created something special…so enjoy it, and keep reading.

Until we meet again, keep your chin up.

David Hunter, September 17, 2009, the Toronto News Desk


  1. Better than the National Enquirer. Have you ever considered becoming paparazzi?? You have opportunity, then you can quit your 9-5 to have more time for writing.

  2. You are a hard act to follow my friend. You need to come on to Twitter Matt...join us in all the fun...

  3. Well Val, I have higher aspirations, like writing for MAD Magazine! (Thanks, seriously, thanks.)

  4. Wait, David are you implying that the level of writing in the NAD is not up to the level of Mad Magazine... geesh, my heart is breaking.

  5. I'm implying that the level of writing in the National Enquirer is not up to the the level of The NAD, or even MAD. Move over New York Times, here we come!

  6. All is forgiven. I am a fan of Mad Mag, but hey I think there are those of us here that match up quite well against Spy vs. Spy.

  7. Just picking up on David Hunters 'End Notes' Well said David..Great thought provoking stuff...What is this obsession with color that backward ass honky is always droning on about ?
    Here we are in the 21st Century, its no wonder we haven't got the flying cars and holidays on the moon we were promised in the 60's, we can't get past the color barrier, forget about gravity...To quote David
    'Skin color is irrelevent. Grow up,lets get quibbling about real issues'
    Something that just occurred to me while reading, being an Irish red headed man is that the word ginger as in ginger nut, ginger whinger etc is an anagram of the N word...How could I have missed that after a lifetime of being reminded by complete strangers the color of my hair? There you go that obsession with color again.
    Not sure why I mentioned that BTW...OK Whinge over...loving The NAD and its impeccably high standards of observations, Inspiring to say the least.