Monday, September 28, 2009

An hour of peace and quiet.

An hour of peace and quiet, in the middle of the afternoon, is hard to come by in my house. I could do nothing, putter around the web, time suck on Twitter or Facebook. I could be responsible domestically, try, and probably once again fail, at fixing the goddamn hot water heater. Then do dishes, wash laundry, sweep the floors, etc, etc, and boo. Or, or, and this is what I think I might do, (BUSTED! I am doing it.) I could write for a bit, update the blog. I could be productive. I am as you might know the head of a burgeoning not-for-profit media empire, my half starved agents are everywhere (check your garbage cans, they tend to sustain themselves on scraps).

Oh it's not so bad, it's all in good fun. If it were a job, would I then do it during a rare hour of peace and quiet? I think not. If the NAD, and all that has come from it, becomes a drag, and it might, it is also the prefect medium to bitch about it. Hmmm do I control the blog, or does the blog control me? Creepy...

Just one of those posts to post. Not a lot a substance here. A wee whine about the financial state of things, but again, money, when this whole thing was dreamed up, about a month or so ago, was the last thing I had in mind. Fame, hell ya! I'd love the NAD to be well received and a huge Internet hit. But anyway, I am rambling, I am getting way ahead of myself. The NAD had humble beginnings, there was no plan to take over the world during its conception. I am proud of where it is right now. It might be time to shake my head, walk off the delusions of grandeur, blink the stars from my eyes, and be thankful for what it is. I would be better served to hope for the best, but remain grounded. Whatever will be, will be.

I have no idea what I am getting on about. Take this post with a grain of salt. It is a bit of free association. I wrote to write.

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