Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh it's on...

Wow what a night of bon mots on the NAD. First Mat Bryon writes a mad romp about writing, editing, drinking, running, losing shoes, you know, that sort of story? The kind that makes you cringe, say eeps, DISASTER at every turn. You also know that because Matt is telling the story, despite some carnage, that everything is gonna turn out fine. Then, curse him, David Hunter writes a manifesto, a fucking MANIFESTO! How the hell I am I supposed to keep up with all this?

Seriously though, God bless the bastards. They have been a constant source of idea, they have been by my side every step of the way. They are my brothers in rhyme.

But back to the anger. Could the buggers not notice that I am in a bit of a creative funk? I have been posting nothing but cheap jokes, and half efforts for the last coupla days. I could make excuses, fatigue, lack of focus, a house full of kids, a new born, distraction (sorry Twitter, I love you all ya all, but dang you suck a lot of my time). Maybe those two mad fuckers wanted me to get the hell out of the wee funk I am in and do some real goddamned writing? Maybe. But lets not let that go to their heads... sinister master plan, or coincidence it doesn't matter, I have to thank them for their words. Not just for tonight's fine efforts, but each and every time they have been nuts enough to post on the NAD. How'd I get so lucky?

I feel like in the last week or so the bar has been raised. First by Gale and her prayer for spiritual understanding. Then Matt comes crashing through the NAD like a drunken madman, scouring the blog with wild but wonderful words. Then David, ever the gentleman, ever the man of great form and substance, suddenly cleans the place all up, makes it spic, span, bright and shiny. He then passes the torch back to me... my hands shake, I have been lazy lately, what do I do, what can I say?

I write through. I am reminded of a Tweet I sent to Val earlier in the day that said (in response to a Tweet that said I needn't say thank you): 'I suffer from an acute case of Politus Canadainius'. So Thank you everybody, readers, posters, commenters, the whole blessed lot of you. You have made this old hack feel like there are times where he can really write his ass off.

So there it is, it is on. The two of you have once again laid the literary ground work, you have blazed new paths. So to hell with the both of you for writing and sharing such kick ass posts tonight... I wasn't prepared! So here you go, my response to the madness; I will fight the only way I know how, and that is with a quick tip of the hat, and a million thanks. That is after all the least a Canadian boy can do. Thank you, it is late, good night.


  1. I tip my bottle of Wild Turkey to you! And if that's not good enough, I'll raise a bottle of Newfie Screech with the other....

    ...And thanks for the kind words.

  2. How about some expensive beer, say from Belgium, or a bottle of red wine, and some tasty grub? Go to bed bro, it is way past both our bedtimes.

  3. If you need a Doctor, I have a medicine kit guarateed to fix any ailment...the BASTARD be damned. I'll be back tonight with some snap...