Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Althought the many agents of influence at The National Affairs Desk, Chicago, are true journalistic animals, the lazy bastards at the National Affairs Desk Press division (our editorial review and publishing hub), have been utterly useless and I only wish I could blame castration of the lot of 'em for their inability to execute. We are trying our best to get the Friday Release ready immediately to avoid THREE weeks without one...please stay tuned, and check back. The Friday Release shall ride high once again...and with any luck, by early Friday AM, the publishing deadline. Thanks again for the following!
With much love and patience from the Windy City, Matt


  1. Hey Matt,

    As promised I found you Jimmy Carter's Law Day speech which moved Hunter S. Thompson so much. Enjoy:

  2. Joseph my man, you are fucking cool...

  3. I am simply an idiot savant when it comes to the Googling. If that makes me cool, so be it.