Thursday, September 17, 2009

To blahg

I have felt it my duty to write a post today. I scoured the Internet in search of a compelling story. Something that would make me go what the hell? Maybe a wow. Even a huh? Alas nothing really stood out.

There was the canned outrage at the Canadian Health Department sending extra body bags to remote Native reserves in the North, in case the swine flu fits those areas as hard as predicted. Worrisome, perhaps, but I don't see it as a political outrage. I am always leery when Native issues are used for political gain. Maybe that is just my middle class white guilt shining through, who knows? My point is, I bet the Canadian health system is gearing up all over the country for a second wave of the Swine Flu, the fact that a few extra body bags have been sent to northern communities is probably nothing more then preparation for what might come. Sad, but not a political issue. There I said it. Her Majesty's Royal Opposition can suck it.

Whoops, I guess that story did bring out some rage... but not enough. Anything else catch my eye?

I thought about attacking privacy issues, the Patriot Act, the 4th Amendment et al. But I got lazy. I was slightly inspired to do so after reading Hunter S. Thompson's Kingdom of Fear. But the task seemed daunting. And damn it, yes, I am in fact Canadian, sometimes it's best I ignore the elephant down South.

Anything else?

There was the music industry. But I poked enough fun at them on Twitter. Oh, right there was the little bit about me having a nasty cold. Could I really rant on and on about that? Probably not. But wait, isn't this ramble all pretty much a fever induced rant in the first place? ACHOO! Perhaps. Now where did I put my tissue?


  1. Bless you!! I once wrote a paper about the black plague, which in turn led me to read about the flu of 1918 and other pandemic viruses. As much as people like to joke about H1N1 ( I being among them, because I've never kissed a pig), there is a little thought in the back of my brain warning me to take extra precautions to protect my children and family from getting sick. The thought of stock piling body bags sends chills through me. I wonder of this is happened elsewhere?

  2. Ah the Swine Flu. I have mocked the crap out of the little pandemic that could (or couldn't..?). I am still unconvinced. The cynic in me says that H1N1 is nothing more then a creation of Big Pharm in Cahoots with WHO in order to produce more vaccines. I don't want to sound uncaring. The idea that there needs to be extra body bags because Canada's Native communities might less prepared to deal with an outbreak saddens me to no end. That said, I think H1N1 is much to do about nothing. A flu, like every other flu. We are build to withstand bugs. I am fighting one right now, it sucks balls, but do I fear for my life, or for Zoey's, no?

    As my dad always said, you eat a pound of dirty in your life.

  3. Forget about swine flu vacines, It all a conspiracy seeded by the healthcare industry to relieve you of your hard earned...Living here in Swine flu central (UK) we have discovered that a fistfull of OINKMENT is all you need..Rubbed liberally into the the palms of each hand so you can get out of the vice like grip that the scaremongers will undoubtedly try to lock you in...

  4. Hi ya Brian,

    Forget about all vaccines. Nobody (especially the little wee ones) needs a motley mixture of hard metals, preservatives and God knows what else injected into their blood stream. Down with the poison for profit racket, lock up the mad scientists. Trust your immune system folks, that is what it's there for.