Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Watching Snow Slide From Rooftops

Dreaming of spring.
Lying to myself.
I am not really going to exercise.
I am not really going to look like
a Greek God,
come summer.
Not unless they named Diogenes a god.
The god of wine, sloth and cynicism.
My kind of guy.
I have been told that postmodernism is lame.
And to hell with the surreal.
So I am left with being a cynic.
Like they want me to be unhappy.
Like I shouldn't look beyond the state of things.
Like everything is shit,
like it ain't ever gonna get better...
or worse.
I say bollocks.
Hug your kids,
kiss your partner,
thumb your nose at it all.
But remember to keep a shovel close.