Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Watching Snow Slide From Rooftops

Dreaming of spring.
Lying to myself.
I am not really going to exercise.
I am not really going to look like
a Greek God,
come summer.
Not unless they named Diogenes a god.
The god of wine, sloth and cynicism.
My kind of guy.
I have been told that postmodernism is lame.
And to hell with the surreal.
So I am left with being a cynic.
Like they want me to be unhappy.
Like I shouldn't look beyond the state of things.
Like everything is shit,
like it ain't ever gonna get better...
or worse.
I say bollocks.
Hug your kids,
kiss your partner,
thumb your nose at it all.
But remember to keep a shovel close.


  1. This poem makes me feel funny ... like I want to grab a bottle of Jack Daniels and drink myself into oblivion whilst listening to early Pink Floyd. The lunatic is in the hall ...

  2. So that means you like it... right?

  3. Love it. You're a modern-day Ezra Pound/William Blake!

  4. Aw, shit, thanks. I have notebooks filled with the stuff. I am still debating whether or not to post some more of it. The NAD does need content, so who knows?

  5. I've been remiss lately too, haven't even updated the Den in a while. It's the mid-winter blues, I think.

  6. Plus, Twitter has been deader than Keith Richards' Liver. Sad that Croisan left ...

  7. Oh man, if we are only half way through winter, it's worse than I thought. My spirits pick up in March, no matter the weather. We are almost there. There is hope.

  8. There is always hope. Come on, March! Whoot!

  9. Sad indeed about Croisan, he was one of the good guys. And Twitter, yep, a definite lull. I find that I more actively Tweet with my local buddies, than I do my old gang of International pals, which is sad as well.

  10. I suppose mid-winter would fall in late early January, but it always feels more 'mid' in February.

  11. You call it a lull, but I'm more pessimistic; I think it's dying a slow death, at least for me. I guess that summer of 2009 really spoiled me. Those were some fun and intense times ...

  12. As for your poetry, definitely post more!

  13. Ya, I don't know, I am pretty loyal, and pessimism gets a fella nowhere.

    As for the poetry, I dunno, it's all pretty much the same after awhile. Little more than me emoting, but doing so with loser grammar constructs. That, and because my poetry is very spontaneous, a lot of it is also very personal. It's hard exposing one's warts, no matter how many people are reading.