Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rut? What Rut?

I have been writing full out for days. Not one long project. I am not writing a novel, a novella, a screenplay or even a short book of poems, nope. I have been writing short jabs, quick punches, an uppercut every now and then, I have been blogging, and up until now I thought I was winning the fight.

Then it hit me, right in the gut. I could see the rut coming a mile away, but it was as if two hired goons where holding my arms back. WHACK, BANG, POW, writer's block, my nemesis, began wailing away. Was it hopeless? Was there no way I could fight such a ungodly beast?

Hell no! Why? Because I have got allies. Yes, and I have many. A billion thanks to my friends who contribute, read and comment on the NAD. You are a source of constant fodder, you prop me up, you give me strength, you are the ink in my pen, the spring in my step. I write for, and because I have talented people around me. You all are my posse, together we can slay that beast.


  1. Up up and away good sir! Only truth flows from the mighty sword of literature that is JOSEPH LANE! (keep kickin' the bastard in the balls, Joe, till it sees who's kickin' and scurries away!)

  2. Thanks gents. I am always game for a scrap. THE BASTARD never wins, we are the good guys, our words if used correctly act as shield and weapon. I had better rest up. The battle continues anew tomorrow.

  3. I say, "AARRGGGG!! TO FUCKING WAR!!!!"

  4. Many people disagree with me on this one, but to me, writer's block is like the monster under the bed.

    The only power it has over you is what you give to it by believing in it.

    I don't believe in writer's block. I believe in procrastination, lack of motivation, excuses, fear & having a brain that just needs to get some rest.

    In the past, when I have had a case of "writer's block", I've looked a little deeper & realized that it was actually something else that was sneaking around under the guise of writer's block.

    Once the real cause is discovered, the monster under the bed usually vanishes.

  5. I agree. Writer's block is a symptom not a disease. It is what happens from time to time when a writer is fatigued, distracted, feeling self-conscious, or just unwilling to write through it.