Friday, September 25, 2009

Protest for protest's sake?

Ah the fuzzy right to free speech. The implied freedom to say whatever the hell we want. The right to protest, the right to question one's elected government. The wonderful notion that there are checks and balances. The idea that somehow, we are all equal members in society and governance. Should I call bullshit? Do people still really think these rights exist? I mean really?

Regardless of what we are fed about how freedom reigns in North America, is it not more true that we the citizens do as we are told? We are bred after all to listen to the powers that be. They are the adults, the elite, they are powerful for a reason, right? Probably. But Nietzsche was a previous topic. I am not sure I want to get into that right now. The idea of superior men leading the masses, kinda makes me feel icky. I'd be bound to get all drunk and um take to the streets in protest. But isn't that the point of this piece? Well yes, now where the hell is my pint? I have signs to make.

Explain this video to me:

If this video has not been proven a hoax yet, it will be. But who is behind the hoax? Drunken frat boys after a half hour spent at an Army/Navy Surplus Store? The government? Some fringe group of anarchists? Lefties trying to make a point? What is the point? Is this a staged protest about government brutality? Was this an advertisement for a vigilante militia? Huh, what, why? I am left scratching my head.

I find I am left scratching my head at most protests. Don't get me wrong, I have as many bones with the way geopolitics is administered as the other guy, but why all the yelling? Why the name calling, why the half baked signs? If your behavior during protest is more distasteful then the group or idea that you are protesting, what then is the point? Do you guys like the taste of pepper spray? Are you, the mohawked masses, deficient in spice? What would Gandhi think? What would Jesus think for that matter?

I dunno, maybe I am just a wimp. Maybe I am just not all that comfortable with confrontation. It would take a whole heck of human awfulness for me to take to the streets with a poorly spelled placard. I'd have to be awfully pissed off, awfully disillusioned (disoriented..???) to wander the streets with a sign with a picture of the President all dolled up like Hitler. Maybe that's just me. Yes things are as horrible as ever, but are they bad enough to make myself look and act like an ass? I dunno? Methinks some doth protest too much.


  1. I don't have any snarky remarks on this one.. You're correct. Cheers!!

  2. Thanks Val. Just a wee yell for some decorum. I am all for peace, quiet and polite conversation :)

  3. "If your behavior during protest is more distasteful then the group or idea that you are protesting, what then is the point?"
    You'd think that 'intelligent, educated, freedom loving activists taking a stand on...'whatever', would have thought this 'lil tidbit up themselves. It couldn't be more true...and I thank you Joseph for saying it out loud.

  4. Thanks Terri. My mother raised me well, I can't condone rude behavior. No matter the cause.