Sunday, September 27, 2009

A quick Sunday 'how we doing?'

Hi ya kids. Joseph here with a little hello. I thought, seeing that it is the end or beginning of another week (depends on one's perspective, might even be a half full/half empty thing, I dunno, does it matter?) that I would dole out some well deserved thank yous to all of the NAD's readers and of course contributors. Special thanks to Gale, David, Rasmenia and Matt for keeping me on my verbose toes all week. Thank you readers and commentators for keeping the whole blessed lot of us here at the NAD honest.

What is next at the NAD? Where are we going from here? Those are the subjects of the million emails I get, mostly from Matt (he is the enthusiastic one), but also from David. The both of them, have their own blogs, but are also committed to expanding the NAD brand beyond the mothership. Matt has his Chicago Office, he is developing the NAD News Wire. David has started a NAD Toronto Office...the NAD is spreading like the swine flu, get inoculated while the inoculation is good.

It's been a wild ride. This blog has exploded, I am shocked at how well it has been received and I am very very proud of it. That said, in the spirit of democracy, hell the spirit of the NAD itself, I thought it a good idea to have an open thread where the reader and the contributer can discuss what is next for the NAD. Tell me what you like, tell me what you dislike, tell me what you'd like to see in the future. We are all in this thing together. Lets make the NAD as fun a place as it can possibly be.

Thanks Again


  1. I would love to see an automated link that will help send a bag of dog shit to any member the US Congress.
    Most of all, I'm gonna stoke the wild fire that is the NAD with, INTRODUCING..."The National Affairs Desk News Wire". I invite any and all who come across "important" current events to submit them or come by and post 'em. That said, I'm going back to work on the NEWS WIRE site ( start to get things crackin' so i can say IF YOU CARE ABOUT IT, WE'VE POSTED IT! Everyone stop by and follow. If you like THE N.A.D. and are interested in current world events, why not roll the two of them into one, crazy monster? Stop by get some news you can use!

  2. See I told all y'all that Matt was enthusiastic! Thanks for all the hard work Matt. Good luck with the News Desk. I might have a little something for you there. A Bush bash, how can I resist?

  3. I'm new to your NADs, so it might take me a bit to have more valuable feedback.

  4. haha, I am sure you will love a good long peek at my NADs. I trust you will handle them with care.