Sunday, September 6, 2009

So much to do before I have a single cohesive piece of writing....

My mad friend Matt opining away at this or that, hell who am I to know what he is thinking??

Don't know if you wanna post this, but it's both a teaser for one of my favorite pieces I've never published, and also a situation most of us writers have found ourselves in...and i think the public ought to know one of the gross professional horrors we can find ourselves in as journalists. To me, looking around at a seemingly unusable and overwhelming amount of hand-written stories piled up everywhere i's as devastating and dangerous a moment as those guys on the reality TV logging shows face in a season finale. The need for split second reflexes, the fear of getting the job done right... It isn't all sipping fucking cocoa, happily tapping out a great new piece of writing to post; there is peril, danger, and dark forces.
At this point i think the email is longer than the "thing" i'm giving you to post, so you may as well put them together and hope they form one hell of a bastard child...

So much to do before I have a single cohesive peice of writing....

As I sit here on the 5th night of my week long vacation to my couch, I kinda get the shivers trying to conceptualize the girth of actual "work" that I need to do in terms of stringing together the fragments of various stories and other random scriptures I've given back alley births to on busses and el-trains all across Chicago. It makes me proud to see the actual volume of work I have produced...but shit, what good does it do stacked up on legal pads and composition notebooks all around my apartment? Half of me thinks that some of my work is relatively solid--or atleast highly entertaining to the like minded...and the other half of me wants to use ther shit to start a lovely bonfire--possibly on the roof of my building in some sort of fire-proof enclosure...which in actuality sounds harder than it did when i spit the idea out. Adderol removes the ability to think before you speak, so scratch the fire. MUST ORGANIZE!! I figure I can get my story, "Ill Advised Was Indeed an Understatement" up soon...which is actually more of the polished type of product I could safely publish online at the "NATIONAL AFFAIRS DESK, PRESS DIVISION", and would finally be able to get the ball rolling. That is, of course, as long as the people involved in that particular true story about an incident at my old job--a 2000 employee, power-house of an international consulting firm, don't find it first and sue the dog shit out of me--or worse-- for defamation of character...but hey, it's only slander or libel if said indcidents were, in fact lies, and they most definately were not. Come back soon to check it out.....more to come.
---Matt Byron

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