Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He showed me the boobs

My favorite Patrick Swayze movie was not Ghost (gag, chick flick of chick flicks), or Dirty Dancing (I love to bump and grind, but please), its not even Donnie Darko (which I love, but Swayze only played a bit part), it is in fact Youngblood. Youngblood, why, you might ask? It is a movie about hockey, and when I was 13, the world revolved around hockey. But that is not it, nope, it is was the boobs. Youngblood was the first movie I watched that had boobs in it (followed soon after by An Officer and Gentleman, Terminator, then Porky's). They were Cynthia Gibb's boobs to be exact. I will forever have a crush on Cynthia Gibb, God love her.

So there how is that for a eulogy? Oh right Point Break was pretty friggin cool movie too. But no offense, Point Break to was all about Gary Busey and Anthony Kiedis for me. Ye gods, I am not good at this eulogizing thing. Rest well Mr. Swayze, you deserve it.


  1. As far as eulogies go, I'd say that this is well done. I've made statements in the past about how most eulogies are profoundly lacking in boobs & violent sports. I for one, am glad that someone finally stepped up.

    I've never seen "Dirty Dancing". Will my chick status be revoked? I query because I know that this is required veiwing for estrogen carriers & I have intentionally shirked this responsibility off.

    It must have been because I was watching "Road House" & "Point Break" repeatedly.

    Regardless, Mr. Swayze was a class act.

  2. Haha, brilliant. I am not sure if Dirty Dancing is as much a requirement of estrogen as Ghost, but hey what the hell do I know, I was too busy searching for a free look at some boobs?

    Thanks for playing, you brightened my day.