Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tis the season?

(hat tip to Shoebox Blog)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Wait, how is that possible? Is there not a natural order to things? The stores are supposed to be filled with ghosts, goblins, cheap plastic costumes, mini-chocolate bars, and face paint. Has Halloween been canceled this year? Is the economy so bad that the commercialization of Christmas takes precedence over the commercialization of Halloween? What would baby Jesus think? Were Santa and his Elves informed? Is it bad karma to toilet paper, then egg a mall Santa? Humbug, humbug I say!


  1. LMAO What can I even say??? I plan on saving money this year and buying my kids a bunch of half priced costumes (once Halloween is over) to give at Christmas and stuff their stockings with all the candy they will get that night too. They'll never know the difference.

  2. Thanks Val. I just might do similar this year. Tis, might be, the season of regifting. I have a whole back room filled with stuff the kids haven't played with for a long, long time. They will never know right? Back into the basement with me, I am trying to build a Ninetendo DS with nothing more than a couple of paint cans, a battery and some duct tape.

  3. In New Zealand, Halloween isn't a big thing like it is in Canada and America. Still, I stock up with bags of lollies (candy) for those adventurous few who are allowed to trick or treat. What with the PC laws however, they are few and far between. What has happened to the world?? When I was a girl remember...the good old days....when kids were allowed to be kids?

    As for Christmas. It comes around far too fast for my liking.

  4. In North America we feel the need to squeeze very last penny out of all the Hallmark holidays. Halloween I like, it revels in kitsch. Xmas was a religious holiday, back in the day, and good on it. Hell Santa once seemed magic, Frosty too. Now, however, Santa and Frosty have become corporate spokesmen for the most important shopping event of the year. Humbug.

  5. I strongly disagree. Santa is still magic. Frosty on the other hand has fallen due to Global warming. Poor bugger.

    Santa G

  6. I, for one, REFUSE to let the stores dictate when I will begin to feel the passing seasons and celebrate the matter which one it is.
    I will not welcome Christmas/Yule holiday household garb until after we have finished off the leftover turkey... every last bite.
    My kids know it, they have all been warned, and if I get a Christmas card before Thanksgiving - that person gets marked off my list.
    Life is too short to rush it folks, slow down and take it as it comes....geeez!