Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Costa Rican Experience, PART 1

This is the travel journal of web designer and photographer Brett Meisinger, brought to you as a short visual travel series by The National Affairs Desk. Brett hales from Chicago and has bravely agreed to take on the burden of a trip to the tropics for the rest of us who were luckily stuck in our offices. Wait a second--that didn't come out quite right....
Either way, kick back for a second and live life vicariously through my good friend and SPECIAL GUEST CONTRIBUTOR!

Rain forest hunters, pt. 1

We traveled Sunday, pretty much all day. It was breezy. Guy behind us on the blue line was blaring “Crazy Train,” which I obviously approved of. Hell of a way to start a trip. O’Hare, no prob. Dallas, alright. Customs in San Jose, crazy. Found our way to the hotel (scary cab ride) where we were greeted by Berni and three huge German shepherds. Pura Vida, lovely place.

Up at 5 am Monday to catch our van to Tortuguero. Crossed into the rain forest towards the Caribbean sea. Stopped for a bite, where the restaurant also had a butterfly garden. Awesome. Your my butterfly. Carried on to a banana packing joint, where huge bags of nanners were being zip lined towards workers who chopped, dunked, selected, and boxed them up. Erin said I looked pumped. I was. I love me a banana. Our guide Francisco was both friendly and knowledgable. He continually pointed out birds and monkeys for us to gawk at.

After navigating a gravel road, where our driver had to dodge dogs and horses (and people too!), we arrive at the dock. Van was phase one. Boat now phase two. Hour and a half later and wind blown, we land in Tortuguero, a tiny town in the northeast of Costa Rica that stretches thinly between the Caribbean Sea and a canal. One road, mostly dirt. Definitely awesome.

We found our B&B and are napping. Beach, turtle tour, and all around mischief to follow.

More to come (as the WiFi allows).

Cahuita. Soon.


Banana zip line!

Bananas in

the zip

line at

the Banana

plant! Brett

is also

an authority

on quality produce; particularly 'Nanners!

I drank beer.

"I drank beer." Brett sampling some of the "REAL" Costa Rica.

Stay tuned, more to come as the adventure unfolds...


  1. OH God I wish I were right there with you Brett! I might have a hard time controlling myself around such an abundance of bananas considering what a fan I am! Beautiful beaches and bananas as far as the eye can see!

  2. Cool stuff, I am jealous. Can't wait to read and see more!