Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, meh.

Ah yes Monday. I am not a fan of Mondays. I tend to dislike Wednesdays a tad more, but yes, Mondays are pretty damned miserable. What did I do this Monday? Why am I like a blogging Garfield? Hmmm, where do I start?

I was awoken this morning with a 'Mommy I hate runny porridge, it's disgusting, I won't eat it!' The baby was also riled up because the older kids were manic. I hid my head under the pillow, I tossed, I turned, I mumbled under my breath. Oh and then there were the fecking cats. One would scratch to get into the bedroom, the other would scratch to get out. Serenity now! Not in this house, not at 7:25 a.m. Not on Monday morning, my heavens no.

I dragged my butt from bed. The sound of a percolating coffee machine my inspiration, my will to power. Mug filled, I trudged to the living room. WHAM, POW, it was turned upside down. Seems Amy wanted a change, seems the time for the change was NOW, and a happy Monday morning to you. Yikes.

The the thing is, it is sorta hard for Amy to do any of the heavy lifting, the sweeping, the mopping, the rearranging, with a 7 week old constantly attached to the boob. So, guess what? Yep, I was drafted into service. I swept, I mopped, I heavy lifted, I rearranged. Did I mention that it is Monday? No? Ha!

We plugged away at the living room until it was time for me to go pick up the older kids from school. I enjoy the walk to school. It gives me time to reflect. It gets me out of the house. Each and every time it is a mini adventure. I particularly like to parent watch, in those almost awkward few moments before the dismissal bell rings. I am the lone wolf, at least at the 3:05 pick up. I sit off to the side, iPod on, cell phone in hand, I am the watcher. There are those that simply blend in, like background actors, they merely are. There are those that seem interesting, cute or unique. Then there are the characters. Folks like the Rastafarian cat that shows up on a bike, sometimes plays hacky sack. The dad that shows up everyday with a clipboard. The rocker with the afro-mo-hawk kid(the kid and the hairdo are things of beauty). There are certainly those that stand out. So ya, picking up the kids was the best part of the day. Must be because well, it is in fact Monday.

But I lie, as I tend to do...sometimes, well at least when I am writing. It's creative license, artistic flair. The best time of the day was the bit spent with my daughter who is growing more and more each day. She is brilliant she shines, agog, HURRAY!

So there, and so be it. Tuesday fast approaches. I will end this Monday lament, lest it creep into Tuesday.


  1. Sounds like something I can relate to! I'M BACK BABY!!

  2. Ye gods man. We were about to send Bill and Ted, you have been gone so long we thought we might have to go back in time to find you.