Sunday, October 4, 2009

Douchtard of the Week: Robert “Joe” Halderman

Trying something new. Thought it might be fun to have a Douchtard of the week post every Sunday. The NAD's way of tearing the piss out of the slimiest, of the slimiest swine that week.

I had friends suggest ex boyfriends, brainless mid-managers, or pedophile Catholic bishops. All very deserving of the Douchtard of the Week tag. But As douchy as those 3 swine may be, I wanted something more flashy (this is a puff piece, go hard or go home), so I set aim right in the belly of the beast of flash... I grabbed a Douchtard from the entertainment industry.

Ladies and gentleman the inaugural NAD Douchtard of the Week: Robert “Joe” Halderman! Yep, there is nothing more douchy, or socially retarded then trying to extort $2 million dollars from a celebrity, with nothing more then a seedy little straight sex scandal. Way to go brainiac. Now you have not only ruined your own life, you have done unfair damage to David Letterman's wife and son's life as well. As for David Letterman, aside from some interpersonal strife (which he has earned, Dave has been naughty, he needs to sit in the corner a bit), but his show, hell ratings are gonna be through the roof. YAY!

Congratulations Robert “Joe” Halderman you're a real winner!


  1. Oh yes! Right on brother! David Letterman owned up to his indiscretion, so this man Halderman is fully qualified to carry the Douche-tard honors! Great post...

  2. Thanks Dave. I figured he was very deserving.

  3. Excellent choice Joseph - and an earned honor for sure. Halderman is the epitome of douche-tard!! Dave (love the guy) was simply a dink...
    *affirmative nod*