Friday, October 2, 2009

In defense of promiscuity (oh Dave, what have you done?)

SCANDAL in the world of late night television. Late night legend David Letterman has been blackmailed by a CBS producer. Robert "Joe" Halderman a producer on the trashy news magazine 48 Hours, had been attempting to extort 2 million bucks from Letterman, claiming he had 'a little package' which would expose the 'terrible, terrible things' (link) he supposedly did to a number of fellow, female CBS employees. Halderman was arrested on one count of grand larceny on Thursday. *ahem, bastard, ahem, ahem, swine, ahem*

Goddamn it Dave what have you gone and done? You are king of late night, a place that has been rightfully yours for well over a decade. Did you really have to go all mad with success and power and diddle the interns? Tsk, tsk Dave, now you've got some explainin' to do. Start with your wife and child. As for the rest of us, bollocks, we have no right to peek into your dressing room, the private washroom at the end of the hall, or under your desk. Huzzah to your 62-year-old libido David, you give us all hope.

'The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.' ~ Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Really, is it any of our business? If Letterman was some slubb from marketing, some lecherous middle manager, even the CEO of a large corporation, this story would barely make the back pages of a newspaper. Fame in no way denotes superior morality. Folks are folks no matter their entertainment value.

So please, please lets not call for David Letterman's head. Sure chastise him for is loose morals, if that is something you feel you need to do. But a sex scandal no matter how seedy, in no way limits Letterman's ability to entertain. David Letterman will still bring the laughs, regardless his personal life. Remember Johnny Carson and all those divorces? Quit being such frigging prudes.


  1. Really - who cares. At least he was haveing sex with women....

  2. Hell he could shag garden gnomes what does it matter to me? He makes me laugh, he has not broken any laws, leave he and his libido be.

  3. As a David Letterman fan (before David Letterman was so cool) I have to say he has always been a gentleman about whatever relationships he had/has. And although you never heard much about his love life, I never once thought the man was a monk.
    So, I'm not stunned by the fact that he may have had relationships that he kept private. I'm sure right now, he wishes he had done a better job of that, or perhaps refrained altogether, however... you screwed up Dave.
    As for his wife and son, its unfortunate that anyone has to get hurt w/ this knowledge, and my thoughts go to all three of them. I believe in you Dave, man up and be the mid-western soul I know you are. Go home and make it right with your family. Best Blessings to all three.

    As for Robert Halderman, you sir, disgust me. You are a crappy excuse for a human being. Only the lowest of the low would take another's life/family/happiness/future and threaten it w/ blackmail.You have purposefully chosen to harm others for profit. If I had a book big enough - I would throw it at you myself.

  4. I did Dave. I thought if I slept with him I could take his job. Oh the cost of Fame!! I do disagree just a bit on one note, Joe... The life of a celebrity is a very public thing, this has been happening since Hollywood was a wee wane. So yeah it is our business who he's been doing, and I want to see pictures dammit!!! As to the self centered dickwad of a blackmailer.. screw you. I'm just not a huge supporter of extortion, it takes very little cunning to blackmail someone.

  5. OK Val sure, he is a celeb so it goes with out saying that he is in the public eye. He is famous because we want to know what he is doing. I just don't think the fact that he can't keep his dick in check should have any bearing on his show. If he gets canned or steps down because of this, the bad guys win.

    And yes screw that pig of an extorter. I hope he rots in prision.

  6. I bet Johnny Carson screwed a ton of people on his staff! ;) He loved women and women loved his money--much like Dave Letterman.
    I say, if the media or society wants to chastise him, they should do the same to the women he slept with. What's their stories? What were they hoping to get out of the relationship? I'm sure they got what they wanted, just like old Dave.

    It's a cliche expression but it's true; it takes two to tango.