Friday, October 9, 2009

Give Peace a Chance

Okay, so Barack Obama won the Nobel Prize.

Okay, so he ‘ain’t done squat to deserve it yet. But maybe it’s the thought that counts.

In theory the Nobel Peace Prize is supposed to be awarded to the one individual who “shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses."

To be fair, Iraq is a Bush war, not a Barack war. And even though he hasn’t , or can’t , or whatever, stop it, doesn’t mean he has not the desire to. Remember that saying “Wars are fought for the assholes who started them?” Trouble is, when you’re knee deep in the shit, it’s hard to crawl back out. Just ask Richard Nixon.

Sometimes it’s just not that easy to stop war, even when you’re funding one. Ever try to back out of a fight in the middle of one?

I mean, Controversial nominees in the past have included Adolf Hitler, Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin and Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini. There’s a cheery bunch worthy of the prize, huh?

And hasn’t President Obama been nothing short of a galvanizing and peaceful figure? Hasn’t he stopped all the bullshit and yelling and gotten the attention of world leaders, turning their heads, getting the process of peace started, or at least a dialogue anyway? At least he’s a POSITIVE figure. Shouldn’t that count for something? Even when someone TALKS peace, we should listen; John Lennon said so, as insanely idealistic as he was. Love and peace start one person at a time. “Put the word PEACE in your window. What can it hurt?” he said. Indeed.

So maybe Barack Obama is that catalyst.

I’m no fool, I don’t live in a utopian fantasy world, but I do recognize a good thing when I see it, and this Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to Barack Obama isn’t the worst thing to happen. Former Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson won the award in 1957. As far as I know, he didn’t stop any wars, but he was a progressive peace-seeker, just like Obama. Granted, Pearson’s track record was more established; Pearson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957 for helping to resolve the Suez Crisis through, among other measures, the creation of the United Nations Emergency Force. The force was the progenitor of modern peacekeeping missions. Obama, So far, has done nothing of this magnitude yet.

So you see, there are arguments on both sides.

Perhaps this award is premature. Perhaps he doesn’t deserve it, yet. But perhaps, this year at least, he is the best candidate at this particular time, who’s doing the “best work for fraternity between nations” at this particular time.

Let’s hope he lives up to it.

David Hunter, the Toronto News Desk

End note: I know this sounds impossibly idealistic, but I truly believe in positive things for positive lets start the haggling!


  1. Thank you, David. I was starting to think I live in a parallel universe of some kind. @Ndege

  2. OK now that the farting of rainbows is over. Can we get back to some serious discussion. I kid because I love.

  3. Ah, so YOU are Anon?

    Well, Joe has to bring an opinion, right? I mean, he needs an angle. He means well. I love the guy, he has a unique slant on things, and I know HE knows that WE know what EVERYONE knows, doesn't he? In our hearts we WANT Obama to deserve that prize, whether he does or doesn't deserve it. Shit, when was the last time we could actually RALLY around a politician or head of state? To gather good vibes from a world leader?

    Thanks for the comments. Stay peaceful...

  4. Farting of rainbows? Dude, you are too funny man.

  5. Sometimes I am Anon. Sometimes, I am not.

    I get Joe's angle. I do. I just think... well, I posted what I think in the comments to Joe's post. And not agreeing doesn't mean the love's dead! ;)

    Anyway, David... I think that's exactly why Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace prize - because a). this is a man with a vision worth rallying around - and b). he's actually walking the talk too. Whether he'll have any success in the matter is another story. Possibly not.

    Cause... you know, the World is the World is a Greek tragedy is a Greek tragedy. The chorus is singing - in this case the committee - but who's listening?

    I want to be depressed now and sad. What a horrible day this has turned out to be.

  6. Pragmatism Vs. Idealism. That's all this is about.

    I'm leaving before the sparks fly!

  7. I think this has been an excellent day. When was the last time an American President was seen internationally as a symbol of hope and peace?

    I think that the Prize has come a little too early and a little too easy, but in the end, it is a positive thing. Go Obama! (yes this is me trying to cheer up a friend :P)

    I play Devil's advocate. I like to provoke debate. That is my job. Thank you guys for playing.

  8. I'm not sure how I feel about Barak Obama winning the peace prize. Honestly, I get the whole "it's an ideal" thing and the man does have some good ones, but don't a million other people in the world?? You all blogging tonight, I know you (except ddjango) and I think you guys have some great idealisms as well. All of us have blogged at one time or another about world peace and wanting better for the world. So where is your Nobel Peace Prize???

  9. Unfortunately we don't have the influence or the power that he has, so the ball is in his court. This may be a political move by the Nobel Comittee and nothing more.

    Let's just hope that this motivates the Prez and we see some justification for all this hoopla.

    David Hunter, the Idealistic Pragmatist!