Friday, October 30, 2009

The Costa Rican Experience, PART 2

This is the second part of Brett Meisenger's
travel and photo journal...the adventure
of a full-blooded Chicagoan that briefly
escaped the confines of the Windy City...
stay tuned for more!
Dock of B&B at Casa Marbella.

Dock of B&B at Casa Marbella.

Tortuguero's revenge

No idea where we last left off, but I think we had just been dropped off in Tortuguero. So…

Hit the main drag here (the only drag) and check the terrain, shops and other goodness. To the beach. Walked it, splashed it, impressed by it.

Catch an early dinner at Miss Miriam’s - pescado y pinto gallo y other tasty stuff. And Imperial - the beer of Costa Rica. Watch footy match while we eat. Kids abound. Tasty goodness. Nap.

Up and around and down by the river to meet our guide at night. Turtles!

Down a trail along the beach, behind a fence and past a checkpoint, we come onto the beach. Turtle is finishing up her nest. We get there in time to watch her flop back to the sea. Incredible! Crowd stands in awe. We then make our way back down the beach and witness another turtle build a nest, lay eggs, and camo them. All of this under bright stars and a half moon on the beach, palm trees etching into the sky. Totally surreal. Awesome. Felt like I was on Lost in some other realm.


Parque Nacional Tortuguero
"We're not in Chicago anymore..." Welcome to
Parque Nacional Tortuguero

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