Friday, October 9, 2009

It's the Culture, Stupid!

I'm a pretty tolerant fellow. I was taught by my elders to appreciate the fact that there is usually a good reason for someone to believe, think, and act as s/he does. But I never thought I'd say this ...

I can understand why the Rockefellers and their rich, cultured, educated friends are so terrified of the common person and propose that the discipline of a centralized, fascist world order is the only thing that will save mankind. Or, at least, save their own asses from eradication by the great, rude, selfish unwashed.

After witnessing the spectacle of tea parties and town meetings, children being beaten to death by other children in urban streets, and political and other celebrities dusting themselves off after public acts of adultery, I get it, Mr Rockefeller. We just have failed to prove we can handle the responsibilities of democracy, open society, and popular liberty. We can't govern our individual behaviors, much less govern ourselves as a "civilization". It just seems as if the percentage of our icons and citizens whose motto is "fuck you very much" grows exponentially every time I look around.

I'd like to blame it on Ronald Reagan, but I really can't. He was just an opportunist who jumped on the lead horse of the "I, me, mine", "All for One and All for One" movements of the late 1970s and the 1980s. He merely articulated what most Americans were already screaming: "I paid for this microphone, pay for your own."

Reagan - and his counterpart Meg Thrasher in Britain - declared that there was no society, only individuals and families. By that time, they were only stating what they observed, the crumbling ghetto of Anglo-American civilization. The Left likes to think of Reagan/Thatcher as arch-conservatives, but in reality they were quintessential liberals, valuing individual rights above the need for responsible membership in the community in order for that community to survive.

It didn't take me very much effort to find this nugget at Mithmëoi the other day:
I read things like this or this everyday, I see teens that brag about how and when they lost their virginity, I see how lewd jokes are just shrugged off, kids can just back talk their parents and other adults and suffer no consequences at all. I keep hearing how we are the most advanced society of all time, yet we cannot treat each other with respect, most people lack any common sense, and things that were incredibly unacceptable fifty years ago are now just brushed off. I wonder if we’re so advanced, why do simple things like respect and common sense escape us? The more we start to push away from morals and a belief in God and the more we rely on ourselves and our creations, ie machines etc, the worse we seem to get. We have become arrogant and rebellious and we pay the price. We pay it with loss of freedoms, a generation of people that cannot think for themselves, a generation that cannot function unless someone tells them what they should or should not do by listening to not their elders, but the mass media. This is an apathetic generation. A generation that goes with the flow, do what feels good and do it now. There is no patience, there is no conscience. There is no value of life among them.

If you’ll look through history across the world you’ll see something interesting. The more a culture strays from their moral values they were founded on, reject God or just decide that they don’t need archaic rules anymore the more it degrades and eventually collapses. A nation cannot survive without moral values, without respect and a value on life. Once you lose those you are on a path to destruction. Everywhere I look I see this happening in every nation of the world, save for maybe the isolated tribes, but I’m referring to the major influences of this time. Every single one is suffering from the same thing, reliance on self and machine, crumbling morals, life losing its value and people who will not stand up for themselves, sheep.
Recently, at least one network news show (and I chose that word specifically) did a feature piece on the denigration of civil discourse. Plenty of talk about angry adolescent types shouting and pumping their fists in the faces of elected officials and other angry adolescents, carrying their assault rifles on their shoulders, just itchin' for a fight. The Silent Majority finally empowered to screeching by the spectre of "socialism". The programs failed because they treated the behavior as the illness, rather than more accurately as symptoms of something fundamental - the grinding narcissism I have spoken about in these pages so often.

From a strictly personal perspective, what absolutely devastates me is that there's a hefty percentage of my Woodstock Generation among these people. The generation that sang about and demonstrated for Peace and Love. Sheesh. It seems that a bunch of my brothers and sisters replaced their need to protect their stashes of marijuana and magic mushrooms with the need to protect their iPods and HDTVs. I now see most Americans as cave-dwellers, surrounded by appliances and guns to protect them.

If we have rejected society, what now? If our culture is demanding that government simply disappear, where does law come from. I think those who say that it will just naturally occur once the bureaucrats and regulators and cops disappear are terminally naive.

As a culture, we have descended into chaos. It's not just about money. The same folks who are screaming so loud for unrestricted personal liberty and rights are about to lose it all, for all of us. I'm not going to yell at you or point a gun. But I am going to tell you that that ticks me off.

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  1. Very realistic and to the point!! Bravo!! People have become desensitized to the needs of others. Our elderly are stashed away in nursing homes and forgotten, children are abused and left to teach themselves values in life (did no one read Lord of the Flies?) I am over joyed with your post!! Thank you for spilling the truth and main reason for the moral decline in the world today!!