Saturday, October 31, 2009

Although both our guys Joe and Matt are having issues with their respective technologies (IE Computers) I want to wish all of you a Happy Halloween, and to thank you for making the NAD such a special place for us to share our thoughts. Take care!

~ David Hunter


  1. Dave, you gotta stop with those self-portraits already! It's starting to freak me out!

    Oh, I see. That's the point? Okay, point taken.


    Happy Holloween to all the NADsters!

  2. It happens to me every Halloween. My acne just rages!

  3. I'm pretty broke so I've decided to raise money by charging kids in the neighborhood a fee to egg and toilet paper me...for an extra $0.25 they can use shaving cream or Molotov cocktails! Happy Fucking Halloween folks!

  4. I did the whole damn meighbourhood last night. My 10-year-old daughter was hell bent on filling her treat bag. There might be a blog post about the whole blessed thing.

    Oh and don't look now, but ROAR, my laptop is recovering. The Toshiba is indestructable. Muhahaha! I am back bitchs.