Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Costa Rican Experience, PART 3

We swam that bit!

We swam that bit!

Early Friday quickdate...

Woke up early Tuesday and hopped in a canoe with Isabelle. Waded into the parque where we saw monkeys and birds and snakes and caimans and lizards and more. Oh my.

Breakfast and a sit and then a walk.

Walked the town and hiked through the parque nacional, which emptied onto the beach. Swam it, kicked it, you know.

Had dinner at Miss Junie’s, a swell eatery that has served a slew of interesting people over the years, including Castro’s rebels who trained in northeast Costa Rica. And then they served the opposition army as well once Castro was in power. Awesome.

Wednesday morning we woke up and had some pancakes and tasty coffee. Caught a boat to Moin. Supposedly a three hour trip - our crazy captain gunned it and we were there in two. Blowing past boats on a small canal. At the port we found a driver to take us from Limon to Cahuita, a 45 minute coastal drive. He drove pretty much the same car that Erin has at home. She nodded in approval.

Upon arrival in this lovely beach town, we were offered an entire bouquet of drugs by a townie who goes by “George of the Jungle.” Didn’t even have my pack on my shoulders. We of course took him up on some shrooms and cocaine. No we didn’t. But we did walk/talk with him as we made our way to Alby Lodge. This place is insanely awesome. The grounds are like a mini jungle and we have our own thatched roof cabina. Beach around the bend, town a street over. We walked around town and found a place to eat overlooking the sea. Ya, I drank some Imperial. Picked up some groceries and had ourselves a sit. Had a low key dinner and tucked in early, cuz Thursday morning we had plans…

HORSES! We rode horses. Onto the beach and into the jungle. Where we then trekked by foot through a rain forest. To a waterfall. That we swam in. And sat on a rock and rocked some pinto gallo with pescado. Crazy. Our guide Raul was a champ. Erin is a professional rider, she pulled a gallop out of her back pocket. Made our way back to the beach, had a swim and leisurely stroll home.

Now a rest. Tonight and tomorrow brings more goodness.

Oh ya, we have been getting up early! Like 5:30 in the morn. Cuz there are howlin’ monkeys in the tree outside our cabina.

Don’t want to come home.

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  1. I heard the Editor of this site, Joseph Lane, has an identical waterfall in his office at the NAD Headquarters Complex. And all they gave me when I was hired on was a box of pens and a pass to the executive least I know where we stand :)