Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Like a coffee house for the perpetually pissed off...

I want folks to yell at me. Tell me I am wrong, that I don't get it. They can even try insult me, question my intelligence, my patriotism (warning I am Canadian, isn't as big an insult), my overall sanity. But be warned, I am going to fire back. The goal, if not to simply talk in circles, which it might be, but maybe focus on an idea or event and beat the crap out of it from every direction. Shake the shit, the lies, and the neurotic emotional attachments out of it... maybe then the truth will be known. A romantic notion? Perhaps, but lets debate it!


  1. Well, if you're going to call me it a coffee house, you better send some Tim Horton's my way, dammit!

    MMMM...Tim Horton's...

    And with that, I think I might actually get mistaken for a Canadian. But God, that's damn fine coffee.

    Oh, yeah...I was saying...

  2. You see, I already have something to take issue with. I am as Canadian as a frozen puck, but I can't stand Timmy's coffee. I'd much rather grind the beans and brew at home...or yes hit up an over-priced downtown coffee shop. Snobby? You bet your ass.

    Thanks for playing Nickolas:)