Monday, August 24, 2009

A coupla quick hits.

Bernie Madoff, is he dieing of cancer?

The Globe and Mail (link) is reporting that Bernie Madoff has been telling his fellow inmates that he has cancer and is not far from death. My first response: damn, right after he signed that lucrative 150 year contact, way to let down fans down Bernie, geesh. Oh, should I be more sensitive? Really?

Oh and to the Birthers

I could stomach your neurotic obsession with the President's Birth Certificate. But what's this I hear that now you wanna take a look at his penis (link)? You are a sick, twisted and vile lot. However, I bet that if you wine and dine the 42nd President he might willing show you the goods. Sorry Bill, but some of your actions in the Oval Office are the perfect punchline. God love ya.


  1. Wow... Why on earth does it matter whether Obama is circumcised or not?? I mean, really? Now, I'll be the first to admit that I did not vote for Obama, and, while he is our president and deserves our respect, I don't support a lot of his ideals. But asking him to wave his penis around just to quell the teeming masses? No, thank you. That is entirely his business, and I have no desire to know.

  2. I know eh? The loons on the far right are really grasping at straws (shaking that visual from my head). Next they will be asking to see if he has a birthmark on his ass which resembles Satan.