Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back from assignment

I will have you know that the woods are in fine form. Insects, small hairy critters and trees abound. It even seems less humid; that, though, might just be because of the foreign sensations of peace and quiet. Nothing seems as oppressive (as long as there are enough provisions) while amongst the trees.

But that is not the story. What was the point of this assignment, other then a few beers and good conversation with friends? Like the peace and the quiet, beer and time for good company, are commodities that have become harder and harder to come by. The children were away so the parents went out and played. This new one (haven't you heard?), is going to change all that for a couple or so years. Samuel or Zoey, (no we aren't sure if it is a boy or a girl) is going to be a permanent appendage for awhile, things are gonna change, and fast. Am I ready? Of course not, am I ever ready for anything? Nope.

But forget all that. Babies aren't the point of this piece. Or are they? Isn't everything one big barn dance with the chance of copulation? Boys leaning on one wall, girls giggling from across the room. Music blasting, drinks consumed, courage amassed, then lost, then found again. Awkward first moments, sweats and stutters. The first hand hold, the first kiss, etc, etc, bees, birds, then babies, a stork here or there.

There find theme or meaning in this post. I dare you.

The News Desk is open.

Blast away!

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