Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Lament

Why haven't I posted a blessed thing this week? What the bloody hell is wrong with me? Have I dried up? Have I poured too often from the pitcher? Is there no creative juice left? What if I squeeze my eyes really tight, make a concentrated effort? I fear doing so will cause nothing but brainfarts. *pfft* Ugh.

But there you have it. It is not just this blog that I have neglected. I have also neglected the novel and a new poetry project. Bof, so is that how it goes? Do I blame the time of the year? Can I? Do I get a flyer because I live in the Great White North and it is February? Hell I am lucky I am functioning at all. SAD is brutal stuff, Google it. But that's not all it, nah, that is the just the easy answer. Is it simply distraction? Too many shiny objects. Pixels and hundreds of channels, music and sports, words and pretty pictures. Maybe I simply can't keep up...? I dunno?

So I rant through the rut. Writing around the writer's block, by writing about writer's block. A cheap trick, one I have used before and one I will use again. If only to keep my fingers in shape. So there!


  1. For people like me, it's a blessed relief when bloggers I follow don't post prolifically. One can only read so many in a day after all...

    Quality over quantity I say. And you've got just that :)

  2. Thanks Wendy. I likes my blog, I want to keep it fresh and updated, but there is too much else going on.