Monday, March 29, 2010

What is it I want?

I wanna rock, of course.
But wait, there is more.
Rock star treatment,
all the glitz.
Lots of sex, mad amounts of drugs.
Rock and roll, sure, but right now I am writing.
How about some Oscar Peterson? Yes please.
But wait... I want more.
I wanna be considered the mad genius.
I wanna free ride.
I wanna be famous for what might be.
I wanna hob nob.
I wanna be the center of polite attention.
I wanna guffaw, and chortle.
I want all the drinks to be free.
No struggling to get a table.
All the perks, chocolate covered,
and cherry on topped!
Not that I am greedy,
for fame or recognition or whatever the hell it all is?
Mentioned amongst heroes.
I wanna be the real deal.
I don't wanna work too hard to achieve any of it,
much of it will have to be shit-house luck.
Magic, I wanna literary fairy godmother,
someone who can introduce me into proper society.
A muse and a lovely benefactor.
That's about all.


  1. I coulda hooked you with all that, right up until the 'proper society' part. I don't run in that circle. Better luck next time.

  2. Ah well, proper society makes me sweaty and awkward.

    Oh and Tim, I know, geesh.