Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And for an encore...

Revamped offshore drilling... really? That's the Obama Administration's next big move after the Healthcare Reform Bill passed, geesh. Talk about deflating the progressive balloon. It's like the I mean the Palinists and the Bushites have won. There is oil under them there waves, and I can see Russia from my backyard. For Pete's sake, just days ago I was writing about the triumph of liberalism, now, well now, the grim reality that there is no left, but only varying degrees of right, in American politics has set in. Feck!

How about a renewed push towards green energy, cars with better fuel efficiency, a push for better public transport? Off shore drilling is nothing more than a dirty crap shoot. A shitty idea under the Bush Administration and a shitty idea now.

What would Al Gore think? Oh right, he is no longer culturally significant. He and the green movement he championed, are as dead as the aquatic life that Obama's drillers are going to kill in the search for black gold. Feck!

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