Monday, March 29, 2010

A Triumph For Liberalism

Obama and the Democrats did it! After over a year of endless debate, and filibuster, and the name calling and the bitching and the moaning, the Democrats (and their majority, in both Houses) passed a healthcare reform bill. Can you believe it? The good guys, with the best idea, and majority support in both Houses passed a bill, despite all the inane sky is falling, this is unAmerican, Obama is Satan dressed as Hitler riding a horse named Stalin, that was spewed from the Republicans. Yes We Can! Well not me, I am really not part of the collective American We, I am Canadian, just another bloke from up North that knows the benefits of liberalism, just a dude that has had Universal Healthcare from the time of his birth. Yes liberalism works, hope and change and progressive thought do not lead to totalitarianism or extreme nationalism, they don't, I swear. Progressive thoughts, lead to more progressive thoughts, things get better, because that is the idea of progressivism. It is conservatism that is flawed. Learn from past mistakes, of course, but to blindly cling to a fuzzy ideal, for example Reagan, or worse fundamentalist Christianity, is madness. Ye gods, were you people alive in the early 80s? No one really liked the yuppies, and even back then, the rational among us, knew that televangelists were evil, money grubbing bastards.

YES, the good guys finally won! It's been years since intellect and compassion governed the thinking in Washington, and I like it. Should progressives get arrogant, should they do a few, in your faces to their conservative counterparts? YES! Screw em, progressives were made to feel unAmerican, childish, and out of the loop for the last 8 or 9 years, but guess what? There is a new sheriff in town. The bad guys no longer run the show. Ronald Reagan is not an American hero, war is not good for business, and yes basic healthcare is a right, more so than ownership of a hand gun, but that is a debate we have already had, and will probably have again, BANG BANG!

Be cocky, be sure, laugh a your conservative friend's wacky notions that America is becoming a socialist state, that Obama is a closet Marxist (hell that's not nearly as freaky as the shit Michael Steele is into). Keep fighting the good fight my liberal cousins to the South. Remember always, that good ideas, compassionate ideas, ideas that make life better for the many, not just the few, no matter how much they might be demonized by the right, are always the most noble.

So there, cigars out, corks popped, celebrate this victory, but be vigilant, the bad guys are lingering, they are ready to pounce. Somewhere Glenn Beck is crying without the aid of Vicks:

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