Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yes Fox News, most of it is Bush's fault.

You begin to wonder whether the folks at Fox News were in a collective state of coma from the year 2000 until 2008. It's as if Fox's mouthpieces spent most of the last decade as high as a kites on psychedelics. Their ability to shit rainbows for Bush, Cheney, and the GOP, is nothing short of elite-level pandering. How, even the most ardent of Bush supporters, can totally preclude he and his Administration from any responsibility for the shit the US is in right now, is mind boggling.

And no, I am not an Obama apologist. Read some of my previous blog posts. I believe that our leaders need to be held accountable, there will never be a free ride offered from my end. So how can a 'news' organization act as the apologists for a radical political movement (Tea Partiers), a failed President (Bush), a dead President (Reagan), a failed political system (Neoconservatism), and a war hungry, fiscally inept political party (The Republicans), and still call themselves 'fair and balanced'? It's madness. A whole 24 hours news channel dedicated to revisionist history.

So there Fox, you can pretend that there was nothing wrong with the Bush Presidency. You can blame Obama, for 9/11, recessions, bailouts, and oil spills, but we the rational know that that is partisan, Fox bollocks. It was your man, your party, and the philosophies that you support that lead to this mess. Yours is a network that has always been a joke in the journalism world. And now that you don't have your man in the Oval Office you have become completely unhinged. Ahem, Glenn Beck, need I say more?

It's time to switch the channel folks. That or view Fox News simply as news themed entertainment. Current events told from the perspective of hateful clowns. If only they knew how to tell or take a joke.

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