Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving is for the birds...

A full report is underway on what I think of all the traditions America has screwed up, it has butchered Thanksgiving the worst. It's a wonderful concept that has lost it's true meaning. The way we celebrate this holiday is for turkeys...and I fucking hate it. PLENTY MORE TO COME...and happy thanksgiving!


  1. I don't mind Thanksgiving. I like the idea that we that life in the land of plenty, give thanks for all life's blessings. I don't get the whole pilgram meeting the natives thing... especially considering what thos pilgrams did to the natives.

    That said, I prefer Thanksgiving to Easter or Valentine's Day. Zombie Jesus and Cupids, please.

  2. As far as I can tell, the US Thanksgiving is a basically made-up holiday to "celebrate" a possibly fictional event when the pilgrims and East Coast American Indians sat down and had a pants-splitting dinner together. Not long after, the pilgrims went back to stealing their land.

    Over time, it's become a symbol of a successful harvest in some places (particularly the farm states I grew up in), and a time to "give thanks" to all that we are thankful for - particularly in New York, California, and on bad TV sitcoms and dramas.

    Now it's basically a chance to get together with the family and is considered the start of a month-long holiday season. Exactly what's so bad about that?

  3. The horrors the horrors!! More to come...sorry about the tease entries...but it should be worth it...either to make myself look like the worst scrooge of all time or get folks laughing hysterically. Joe--it's in the site editing hamper if you want a peek...