Saturday, October 16, 2010

My first ever blog post. Unedited in order to maintain posterity

First the url, to my first, of what were to be many, blogs:

Written in September of 2005, remember then? You will.

The opening Rant

So I decided that it might be fun to have my own blog. Christ everyone is doing it. I am by no means technically savvy enough to offer the patrons of this world wide web anything, other then what I think and feel at any giving moment. So what do I think and feel right now, well where to begin, this being my first rant, and what with the whole Katrina mess, where better to start but with the first ever crazypinkocanuck look at what I think is wrong with everyones favorite superpower punching bag The US of A.
In no particular order.
1. The US media. The media in the US are as driven by polls and market research as the politicians that they serve and protect. Sure now we see guys like Anderson Cooper from CNN, ranting and raving about FEMA's inadequate response, even Fox (which I keep track of only to see how the darkside is thinking, know thyn enemy, that and well the Simpsons) is now asking "serious" questions about the government response. The whole republican notion that the American media is liberal, is false, this administrations greatest victory was its castration of the main stream media. Checks and balances exist not in TVland, but on the internet where content is not driven by demographics and corporate sponsorship.
2. The American political system.Huh. The rules and institutions that make up the worlds greatest democracy are as hard to fathom as oh lets say cricket, and I read Jon Stewarts Democracy twice. The failures of Katrina have as much to do with an archiac system of government, then say a vacation happy President, or even an unqualified FEMA director. When local, state and Federal levels of government can not work together in times of crisis, because of redtape and partisian politics, its time to rethink things me thinks.
3. A superpower sans world view. The US's aversion to the UN frightens me. The war in Iraq is of course the most stunning example of this, the coalition of the willing, you are with us or against, and bring it on. All this false bravado, is nothing more then a superpower losing its mojo.
4. Karl Rove. Here is a man whom has never been elected to any post in the federal government, he has no fear of any voter agnst, or recall, or impeachment and yet it is he and Cheney that are running the country. Karl Rove is like the cartoon devil that sits on Georgie's shoulder....... where is the angel.
I could go on and on, and hey thats what a rant is all about, but seeing that this is the first rant, I shouldn't step on to many toes. Not only that but I am not really sure if I can even get this whole blog thing off the ground. If all goes well and I am not as technically inept as I fear, please comment, good bad and ugly, doesn't matter to me.

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