Saturday, August 14, 2010

To Blahg

In the spirit of a Seinfeld episode, I give you a blog post about nothing. Unfortunately, I haven't the cast of characters which would guarantee its entertainment.  Kramer is not going to burst through your computer screen, George (my favorite character, for those interested in my psyche) is not going to say or do something completely insensitive. There will be no Newman versus Jerry moments. I am a writer with a head cold and a blog, not a stand up comedian with a TV deal. But where was I? Oh yes, a blog, er blahg post about nothing, right. Another exercise in writing, just to write. Content for content's sake.

It feels like my head is being squeezed by a vice. Phlegm and snot are the product of this constant squeezing. My sneezes near apocalyptic, my coughs rattle windows. Hack, hack, ah choo! So there, maybe there is some meaning to this post, maybe this post is meant to give me an outlet to say fuck you to the universe...??? The gods, they say, must be crazy, and thus I haven't slept right in days. Where's my Kleenex? A curse on this overactive immune system of mine. Even if it helps me beat this bug quickly, does it really need to turn me into a slimy, overheated mass, of snorting, sneezing, and coughing. More drugs, numb, numb, numb, BLAH!

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