Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Ode to BP, Corporate America, Obama, et al

Stop selling us your lies.
Shove your ideology up your ass.
Your right, your wrong.
What of our RIGHTS?
We all do wrong.
But our wrongs pale in comparison.
Your wrongs wreck oceans.
Your wrongs destroy lives.
To hell with your corporate rights.
Fuck your slogans.
Your feel good ad campaigns.
Your lobbyists.
The politicians you've bought.
Your security forces.
They can all eat shit.
We are right.
You are wrong.
Your system is crumbling.
You've made the mess.
And what's worse?
It is we that are left to clean it all up.
And may a billion maggots devour your souls.


  1. But who wants oil? Oil to make our plastics, oil to make lubricants, oil to make heating fuel, bitumen for our roads and driveways and foot-paths. Fuel for jet aircraft, trucks that transport our food, our own cars.

    Perhaps it’s time to stop pretending we are weaning ourselves from oil, and actually detach from the fossil fuel nipple.

  2. I agree. We are partially all to blame for this mess. If we as consumers weren't hooked on gas for our cars, or plastic for, well, almost everything else, there would be no need to dig holes in the middle of the ocean. That said, my anger, in this poem is directed at the powers that be. Why? Because goddamn it, it is their rules, their companies, and their ineptitude that caused the explosion on the rig, and it is they and all their high priced engineers that are unable to stop the leak, or clean it up. All and all an epic failure of humanity, again.