Friday, December 11, 2009

Douchtard of the Week (Month, whoops): Bill Mills

In a week where the President sent 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, only to show up in Oslo and receive his (now ironic) Nobel Peace Prize. A week that saw Bill'O' renew his yearly war on Christmas. And week that saw Tiger Woods' life go splat! The competition was tight, there where some huge names in play, but I have to go with Bill Mills, the mayor of Truro for the win. Who? Truro, where the hell is that? The town of Truro, N.S. (note the douchy pic of Bill Mills on the town's website, he sure looks the part)

In what appears to be a huge upset, Bill Mills smoked the big named competition this week. Why? Read This: Truro considers closing gay 'pick-up spot' To paraphrase; Mills and the town council are thinking about closing a road to a park which is thought to be a gay pick up/make out spot. Basically the mayor wants to shut down lover's lane. Here is how he described the road in an interview with a local newspaper: "favourite pick-up spot for guys from all over the Maritime provinces. They go up and have a rendezvous and then they go into the woods and do their thing. It's been known for years and years and is becoming more and more of a problem,"(hat tip The Truro Daily News and

This from a man and a town council that would not allow a rainbow flag to be flown during gay pride festivities 2 years ago. Um, ya, there is a pattern of homophobia in the Truro town hall. Why the opposition to the flag? Well it turns out that Mr Mills could not agree to raise the flag as a Christian. Ah, that pesky church and state problem again. Oh Millsy, you poor, poor soul, how dare gay men make out in parks, how dare there be pride in a community, how dare they ask to fly a pretty flag. You win Millsy, you are my Douchtard of the Week. Proud? I hope so, you deserve it. Thanks to you, I am gonna gas up in Sackville. Truro is just too non-inclusive for a raging liberal like me.

Oh and hey, if Mills and the council do shut off the road to that hook up spot, I have an idea as to where these lovers can go to make out. I say if you lose lover's lane, why not hook up right on the steps of town hall? I am sure Mills will get a real kick out of that.


  1. Can you not come up with a better term than one that uses people with Down Syndrome as the basis of its humor? the liberal sprinklings of 'tard' in the vernacular these days is dismaying.
    Have you ever met someone with Down Syndrome? If you do, call them a tard and see how it feels.
    the term is not divorced from its orioginal meaning...everyone knows what is intended when you say or print that.

  2. Wow. I in no way want to offend those with Down Syndrome. I am sorry if the tard, at the end of Douch, makes you feel uncomfortable, but I am not gonna change it. I am not going to bow to bullshit PC pressure. My use of Douchtard, is in no way a reference to those with mental disabilities...yes I am aware that tard is a shorten version of retard, which is an awful thing to call some one with a disability, but I never use the word in that context. Douchtard is my blog slang for asshole. If my use of the 'word' makes me come off as an asshole and makes you uncomfortable I am sorry. You obviously don't read my blog all that often. The only rule is that there are no rules. Douchtard stays.

  3. As a former Truro resident with my head bowed in shame, I need to point out that the only action I remember happening on Wood Street was primarily of the horny teenager variety. Also, Truro has (or at least, had) a large, vibrant, talented, economically viable gay population.

    With this kind of petty small minded stereotyping happening, I wouldn't blame them if they took their education, charm, talents and taxes to any other town.

  4. Can they take a few of those chainsaw sculptures with them? You know, a couple of them are nifty, but did buddy have to get creative with every diseased tree in town?

  5. They weren't diseased until I decided to get creative with them. Sorry.

  6. You are either a creative genius or a mad serial tree killer. Maybe both...